About Us

About Us

The mission of the West Chester Film Festival is to Entertain, Enlighten and Educate the public through the presentation of global independent and innovative short film and interactive workshops by hosting an annual International Short Film Festival. Our short term goal is to present a self-sustaining annual film festival. Our dream and long-term goal is to permanently house the Festival in a Performing Arts Center or Theater in the Borough of West Chester, presenting independent film and giving a voice to up and coming artists. The West Chester Film Festival is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

Join us for the seventh West Chester Film Festival over the weekend of April 29-May 1, 2011. We will screen short films, up to 30 minutes in length, submitted by independent filmmakers from around the world. Submissions are juried by a panel of industry professionals and winners chosen according to content, innovation and technical execution. We anticipate attendance of 3,000 film lovers this year.

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2010 West Chester Film Festival Executive Board

Carol Jean Quigley, President
Gregg Voltz, Vice President
Kevin Fitzpatrick, Secretary
David Hoopes, Treasurer
Rob Clemens
Marty Hoban
Greg Koorhan

2010 Film Review Committee

Sarah Beck
Rob Clemens
Kevin Fitzpatrick
Judy Fitzpatrick
Paul Fitzpatrick
Marty Hoban
David Hoopes
Greg Koorhan
Renee McGusty
Sheila Vaccaro

WCFF Webmaster

Greg Koorhan

WCFF Official Photographer

Gavin Baker Photography

West Chester Film Festival Volunteers

(Please forgive us for inadvertently omitting any names that should also be on this list.)

Caesar Augustus
Laura Barton
Chris Beattie
Carol Beck
Fran Beck
Sarah Beck
Aaron Bogad
Adam Bradley
Mary Braz
Jack Butler
Shelly Case
John Cigler
Michael Civita
Rob Clemens
Jack Craig
Mike Demirjian
Donna Dougherty
Hannah Eagle
Lisa Tyson Ennis
Brian Famous
Kevin Fitzpatrick
Judy Fitzpatrick
Paul Fitzpatrick
Darragh Freidman
Brigitte Goutal
Marty Hoban
David Hoopes
Gregory Imming
Robert Killion
Jessica Koehler
Mike Lemmon
Jane Ludin
Paul Maltby
Patrick McCoy
Rob McGuckin
Renee McGusty
Lisa Natalizio
Mike Norris
Kate Norris
Donald Pfleiger
Bethany Poulton
Greg Radford
Drew Rhodehamel
Mary Jane Rogan
Katherine Sas
Kanan Sawyer
Claudia Schindler
Tony Silver
Adrienne Silver-Sperg
Kora Stahl
Tilo Stahl
Bill Talley
Pam Tatum
James Thompson
Tom Trissel
Ray Urbach
Sheila Vaccaro
Will Villano
Barb Voltz
Gregg Voltz
Audrey Voltz
Bridgette Voltz
Brett Anderson Walker
Jeremy Yoast