About the Festival

The mission of the West Chester Film Festival is to Entertain, Enlighten and Educate the public through the presentation of global independent and innovative short film and interactive workshops by hosting an annual International Short Film Festival. Our short term goal is to present a self-sustaining annual film festival. Our dream and long-term goal is to permanently house the Festival in a Performing Arts Center or Theater in the Borough of West Chester, presenting independent film and giving a voice to up and coming artists. The West Chester Film Festival is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

Join us for a weekend every April for the annual West Chester Film Festival. We will screen short films, up to 30 minutes in length, submitted by independent filmmakers from around the world. Submissions are juried by a panel of industry professionals and winners chosen according to content, innovation and technical execution. We anticipate attendance of 3,000 film lovers this year.

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2017 West Chester Film Festival Executive Board

Carol Jean Quigley, President
Gregg Voltz, Vice President
Sarah Beck, Secretary
David Hoopes, Treasurer
Kevin Fitzpatrick, Filmmaker Liaison
Anne Skillman, Volunteer Coordinator
Renee McGusty, Young Filmmaker Organizer
Victoria Flickinger, Sponsorship Coordinator
Armin Jahromi, Community Outreach

2017 Film Review Committee

Sarah Beck
Michael Dimenna
Kevin Fitzpatrick
Tori Flickinger
David Hoopes
Armin Jahromi
Renee McGusty
Manny Otero
Renee Otero
Anne Skillman

WCFF Webmasters

Sarah Beck & Greg Koorhan

2017 West Chester Film Festival Volunteers

(Please forgive us for inadvertently omitting any names that should also be on this list.)

Jerome Ambrose
Laura Barton
Carol Beck
Fran Beck
Jeannine Breslin
Sean Buckland
Jack Butler
Heather Cicalese
Michael DiMenna
Donna Dougherty
Jude Ferraro
Caius Fitzpatrick
Judy Fitzpatrick
Kaley Fitzpatrick
Tim Fitzpatrick
Matt Flickinger
Leo Flickinger
Penny Flickinger
Moira Fox
Janet Gallagher
David Greenberg
Chris Logan Harley
Meghan Helmke
Victoria Helmke
Armin Jahromi
Jade Jeffords
Nathan Kadish
Andrew Karasik
Jodi Knapp
Morgan Kofeldt
Christine Kovell
Greg Koorhan
Jane Ludin
Jim McGusty
Jared Montano
Diane Moran
Sharon Murphy
Jennifer Nager
Renee Otero
Manny Otero
Evan Sanders
Marc Skillman
Kora Stahl
Pam Tatum
Amy Theorin
James Thompson
Brett Anderson Walker
James Walker-Goutal
El Walton
Michael Weber
Zach Wright
William Villano
Audrey Voltz
Bridget Voltz