2017 West Chester Family Film Festival

2017 West Chester Film Festival Family Film Festival

The West Chester Family Film Festival is presented by the West Chester Friends School.  Our Family Film Festival Venue is Boxcar Brewpub.

The West Chester Family Film Festival is a selection of films appropriate for children 10 & under presented on Saturday morning. It includes films submitted by all filmmakers, including student and young filmmakers, from around the world. This showing is not part of the judged competition, and there are no awards for this category.

This year, our West Chester Family Film Festival will be shown on Saturday, April 29 at 9:30 am at Boxcar Brewpub, located at 142 E Market St, West Chester, PA 19382.

1 – 0

Saman Hosseinpuor/Iran/Student Comedy/1:00

The barber started cutting the boys hair while watching a football game on TV.





A Ball Bounces into The East River

Jake Bruno/NY/USA/Young Filmmaker Comedy/World Premiere/1:00

A ball with a distinctive face drawn on it bounces away from its owner and into Manhattan’s East River.


Autumn Leaves

Saman Hosseinpuor/Iran/Student Comedy/3:59

Autumn Leaves is about little girl who is going to school and something happens.





Behind The Rocks

Maia Costea/Canada/Young Filmmaker Drama/Female Filmmaker/World Premiere/5:00

After finding a golden rock in her garden, a girl goes on an unexpected adventure with her friends.





Catch The Move

Ignacio Meneu/Spain/Animation/World Premiere/4:47

The short film ‘Catch the Move’ is a collective piece of art, created by nineteen artists.



Cup of Tea

Jitendra Rai/India/Drama/3:12

A young photographer stands at the edge of a lake as she takes pictures of the beauty surrounding her. She breathes in the clean air and closes her eyes as she takes it all in, forgetting her troubles for a moment.  She notices a young village kid smiling at her. She smiles back. Suddenly, she’s jolted back to reality when the young delinquent picks up her bag and makes a run for it. She chases him through the beautiful landscape as he whips through jungles and open fields and villages. He’s very familiar with the place and she doesn’t have a chance.  Just when hope seems to be at an end, she finally finds the kid, and what she sees overwhelms her and melts her heart.  Cup Of Tea is a short film about the potential we all have to change someone else’s life, and while you’re doing that, might as well change it for the better.


Saman Hosseinpuor/Iran/Student Comedy/World Premiere/4:00

An old couple are living in an apartment, the man is sleeping and the woman is doing housework. The lady wants to change the fish tank’s water but it slips out of her hand and falls on the ground. They’ve ran out of water and there’s no water for the fish. But with the help of the man they find water for it.

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Little Folk of The Arctic

Neil Christopher/Canada/Animation/3:10

In the folklore of most cultures around the world there are stories of magical little folk. And the Arctic is no exception. Inuit traditional knowledge is filled with references to many different races and tribes of little folk. These beings always try to avoid human encounters, but over the years Inuit hunters and shaman have gathered stories and experiences to help us understand these small inhabitants.  This short introduces viewers to the little folk of the Arctic.

Red X

Yaser Moinfar/Iran/Young Filmmaker Animation/World Premiere/2:47

A character is judging another character. So He understands that his judgment is wrong…





Tea Time Interrupted

Sean Foy/MA/USA/Art/Experimental/US Premiere/2:48

A young girl’s quiet play time heats up with explosive results.






The Mischievous Shoes

Dallas Zimmerman/Canada/Young Filmmaker Comedy/World Premiere/6:32

The Mischievous Shoes is a story of three friends who are terrorized by a pair of sneakers. The shoes take over each friends’ personality, one at a time, making them act meanly towards each other. From calling names, to stealing bananas, the friends turn on each other until they get advice from a talking car.

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The Owl and The Lemming

Roselynn Akulukjuk/Canada/Animation/Female Filmmaker/3:33

The oral history of Inuit is filled with many folktales, legends, and myths. In this traditional story, a young owl catches a lemming to eat. Inuit stories are often instructive, and with this fable, children quickly learn the value of being clever and humble, and why pride and arrogance are to be avoided.

This short puppet film utilizes composited photographs and a set made with actual Arctic plants and lichen to create an authentic retelling of this ancient Arctic fable. This short film provides a glimpse of traditional Inuit values and beliefs.