2017 Young Filmmaker Film Festival

2017 West Chester Film Festival Young Filmmaker Selections

Our Young Filmmaker Venue is Boxcar Brewpub.

The Young Filmmaker Film Festival is a selection of films submitted by filmmakers who are 18 and younger. While filmmakers from around the globe are welcome to submit, acceptance preference will be given to filmmakers residing in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties in Pennsylvania. The films in this block are in keeping with the MPAA ratings of G, PG, or PG-13. This showing is not part of the judged competition, and there are no awards for this category.

A Ball Bounces into The East River

Jake Bruno/NY/USA/Young Filmmaker Comedy/World Premiere/1:00

A ball with a distinctive face drawn on it bounces away from its owner and into Manhattan’s East River.


Do You Want to Buy a Box of Cookies?

Isabel Otis/NJ/USA/Young Filmmaker Drama/Female Filmmaker/World Premiere/8:00

When a young girl knocks on Mike’s door and asks him if he’d like to buy a box of cookies, he is happy to help out. However, soon the same girl begins to show up on his doorstep over and over again and Mike is certain there’s something strange going on.

Flickering Dimensions

Ben Friedman/WI/USA/Young Filmmaker Drama/US Premiere/2:42

A seedy underworld gets caught up in a student’s life. Flickering Dimensions is a mysterious short film that deals with issues such as PTSD and corruption.


Hernando Wheels

Hunter Schwefringhaus/FL/USA/Young Filmmaker Documentary/World Premiere/1:50

Tyler Schwefringhaus, the president of Hernando wheels, is describing what Hernando Wheels is all about.

It’s Your Life … Live It

Ben Reingold/MA/USA/Young Filmmaker Drama/U.S. Premiere/2:12

A girl sees what her life could have been in the instant of making a bad decision.




Ruchir Bodicherla/NJ/USA/Young Filmmaker Animation/US Premiere/2:00

A stick figure embarks on a journey. A journey that will change him. A journey that will shape him. A journey, that will come to define him.

Naga Pixie

Anthony Hobbs/MD/USA/Young Filmmaker Comedy/World Premiere/15:00

Naga Pixie is a short film by 11 year old award winning filmmaker Anthony Michael Hobbs. The film is about a pixie that is always nagging everyone, and a group a friends trying to figure her out. By the end of the film, the audience realizes that the pixie has a good reason to nag.




Clay Bloodworth/FL/USA/Young Filmmaker Drama/PA Premiere/9:09

A passionate young sportswriter hearkens back to an era when print journalism was at its peak, a specific time and place he’s only romanticized up to this point.


Syd Langeweg/MI/USA/Young Filmmaker Drama/World Premiere/7:22

A photographer suffering from PSTD forms a relationship with, old war buddy, Alexander’s daughter, Freya  as she copes after Alexander kills her mother.


Jacob  Nagel/PA/USA/Young Filmmaker Comedy/US Premiere/13:07

A delusional teenager becomes romantically involved with the subject of his violent visions.

Ruth & Rosie

Katie Mlinek/MD/USA/Young Filmmaker Drama/Female Filmmaker/World Premiere/7:15

When a little girl’s older sister gets cancer, she must cope with the change.

Smart & Successful

Jake Beyer/PA/USA/Young Filmmaker Drama/World Premiere/7:44

Short film about the life of Sam Lino


Joel Kaswan/WI/USA/Young Filmmaker Drama/4:06

An awkward father-son dinner with deadly consequences.

The Game

Matthew Manyak/FL/USA/Young Filmmaker Drama/World Premiere/6:08

A game of chess played by two mysterious individuals determines the course of global events.





The Letter T

Elijah Dawson/MA/USA/Young Filmmaker Documentary/World Premiere/4:00

A student made documentary about the legal struggle faced by trans students in school environments.

The Red Witch

Milo  Chaffin/MO/USA/Young Filmmaker Drama/World Premiere/5:38

A detective walks in the footsteps of a missing girl.