Tickets are available at the door of all venues (Cash Only!), or online right here.

PLEASE NOTE: Our primary venue this year is referred to as THE NOTE / BOXCAR BREWPUB.  The address is 142 East Market Street.  This is the former location of The Note, which has now closed, and the FUTURE location of Boxcar Brewpub.  PLEASE DO NOT GO TO THE BOXCAR BREWERY ADDRESS ON WESTTOWN ROAD TO SEE FILMS!! Thank you!!!

Ticket price

$8 per 2 hour block of films.
$6 with Senior Citizen or valid Student I.D.
$5 with WCFF Membership
Youth Filmmaker block is $5.

Get The Festival Pass for $50. This lets you into as many film blocks as your little heart desires. Present the pass to the ticket sellers before heading into the theater, and they’ll happily hand over your own ticket to the block. (The Festival Pass is available for purchase online or at the Armory at the beginning of the weekend). Tickets to the the Opening Night Party are available the day of at Iron Hill, the Festival Pass and Closing Party tickets are available at the Armory.

Online Ticket Instructions

When you purchase tickets online in advance, please print your receipt or have a copy of your receipt on your smart phone.  When you arrive at the venue, you will exchange your receipt for a physical ticket at the ticket counter.  You must still wait in line for your physical ticket as it is needed to enter the theater.  Thank you!