2016 Workshops

Don’t miss these inspiring, educational and FREE film making workshops during the 2016 West Chester Film Festival.  Our workshops will be held at Fenn’s Coffee at 111 North Church Street.

All are welcome to the Meet & Greet at Pietro’s Prime on Saturday and to the workshops.

The Art of Storytelling – Part 1: Writing A Scene

Presented by David Greenberg and Andrew Karasik

Saturday, April 23, 1:15 PM


Join filmmakers David Greenberg and Andrew Karasik for an interactive and innovative exploration of the art of storytelling.

All great stories begin with a great concept and progress to a great script.  We’ll begin by looking at the fundamentals of scene design, the elements of drama, and how to incorporate conflict.  From there, each attendee will create their own unique 2-3 page scene with dialogue and action based on the following prompt:

Two characters (male and female) have an argument about a seemingly minor issue that reveals a larger issue in their relationship.Once the scenes are written, attendees will be able to workshop their scene during a live table read and receive interactive feedback on their work.  One scene will then be chosen to be featured in Part 2 of the workshop!

The Art of Storytelling – Part 2: Directing A Scene

Presented by David Greenberg and Andrew Karasik

Saturday, April 23, 4:15 PM


So you’ve got a great script, now what?  Part 2 of our workshop will take the scene chosen at the end of Part 1 and construct it using real actors and innovative directorial techniques.  We’ll begin with a cold read of the scene by our actors so we can hear and see the scene brought to life for the first time.  From there, we’ll begin blocking the scene, focusing on body language and movement.

During this interactive workshop, attendees will have the opportunity to direct the actors themselves, applying their own ideas and style of direction to the scene.  But be careful, just like directing actors on set, anything can happen and the actors may not be as cooperative as you hope!

These companion workshops are geared for everyone, from casual film observers to expert independent filmmakers.

About The Presenters

David GreenbergDavid J. Greenberg teaches screenwriting at the University Of The Arts and Drexel University in Philadelphia.  David specializes in writing screenplays for ultra-low budget films and shorts. Since 2006 he has been hired to write or doctor over 40 feature, short and documentary film screenplays.  Recently, his screenplays What Matters Most and Used To Love Her have been produced into films.  His 1995 short film The True Meaning Of Cool won an award from The American Film Institute.


Andrew KarasikAndrew M. Karasik is an award-winning producer of independent films and television. He serves on the faculty of the Bryn Mawr Film Institute and the Philadelphia Film Academy.  In 2008, he founded 30th Street Entertainment, Inc. Under his leadership 30th Street Entertainment has grown into a regional powerhouse for independent cinema and television. Andrew remains a unique kind of Producer, often taking an active role in advising the creative process, while allowing the creative team the freedom to tell a story in their own unique way.

Andrew is annual judge for the West Chester Film Festival and has produced two West Chester Film Festival films: Iowa Is Closed Today (2011) and The Tunnel (2014), winner of Best Experimental Film.

Together, David and Andrew created the groundbreaking 72-minute feature film Stomping Ground filmed on one location in just two days.  The film is currently on the festival circuit.