2017 Workshops

Don’t miss these inspiring, educational and FREE film making workshops during the 2017 West Chester Film Festival.  Our workshops will be held at Sprout Music Collective, 130 E Prescott Alley, West Chester, PA 19380

All are welcome to stay for our Meet & Greet immediately following our 4:15 workshop.

Directing and Choreographing an Action Film

How to make your collaborative process fun, easy, and productive.


Presented by Steven Michael and Artur Lago-V

Saturday, April 29, 1:15 PM

The goal of this workshop is not only to talk about the process but to actually get people to experience the collaborative process that a director and choreographer might use in a particular action series.

The workshop will open with a warm-up for the actors to get them ready to move and establish a collaborative state of mind.

Director Steven Michael and Choreographer Artur Lago-V will demonstrate and discuss an action sequence between the two.  Then the audience will have the opportunity to try an improvisational choreographing process on the spot.  Audience members will be encouraged to film this on their phones.

Steven and Artur will show the raw footage of the actual sequences from the original choreography.  Steven will also discuss his approach to filming the sequences after screening the raw footage.

The workshop will end with a QA session.

What’s Up Doc? The Documentary Process

Presented by Pat Taggart

Saturday, April 29, 4:15 PM

Pat Taggart, one of our past festival award winners, returns to take us through the process of creating a documentary. Having recently completed a feature length doc titled The Billboard Boys (Billboardboys.com), Pat will provide insight into all three phases of the production process. How do you source archival footage? What questions should you ask your subjects? How do you shape your eight hours of interview footage, one hour of archival footage and 100 photos into a coherent and compelling story? These are among the many topics that Pat will tackle in this workshop. 


These companion workshops are geared for everyone, from casual film observers to expert independent filmmakers.


About Our Presenters

Artur Lago-V.

Artur Lago-V. received his BFA in Dance Major/Theater Minor from California State University of Long Beach.  Researching multiple dance and movement disciplines  and working on many theater and film projects inspired him to develop his personal coaching approach. Artur incorporates ideas of Stanislavsky, concepts of Modern and Ballroom Dance, Arthur Lessac’s Kinesensic Approach to Voice and Body Training  to help people find healthy ways of creative expression regardless of their occupation. He believes that a person can do so by connecting to his/her inner-world through keen observation, rich imagination, natural movement and voice exploration. Artur’s most recent projects include  two short films that he co-wrote, co-produced, and acted in with Gregory R.R.Crosby, a California based filmmaker. Greg and Artur also co-created the CineManiacs Short Film Festival. Artur is currently working with Steven Michael, a creator of the sci-fi action drama The Omega, as a movement coach for the cast and an action choreographer. This collaboration inspired Steven and Artur to develop a film-acting workshop where they can share their knowledge and experience in both technical and creative aspects of the art of cinema.

Steven Michael

Steven Michael Daniels “Steven Michael” (born October 21, 1991) is an American film director, film producer, and screenwriter, best known for short action and science fiction films. He fell in love with a world of sci-fi at a young age and since then has been using his skills as a professional photographer and filmmaker to share this passion. Steven made his feature film debut with the 2017 original sci-fi action drama The Omega. Steven is the founder of Steven Michael Studios, a production company he established in 2016.

Pat Taggart

Pat Taggart has directed two feature films, including The Billboard Boys which is currently screening at several international film festivals. He has taught production at La Salle University and runs Tag Visual, a Philadelphia-based production company. A former West Chester Film Festival winner with his film Charlie Applebee, Pat lives in Collegeville, PA with his wife, Courtney, and their two young children. Good Will Hunting is Pat’s favorite film and his favorite TV Show of all time was East Bound and Down.