Apr 22, 2013

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Welcome to the 2013 West Chester Film Festival

Welcome to the 2013 West Chester Film Festival

The 2013 West Chester Film Festival invites you to experience an exciting series of films. Mark your calendar for the weekend of April 26-28 and be sure not to miss this year’s line-up of entertaining, enlightening and educational independent films. All of the films are shorts less than 30 minutes and include a wide range of educational Documentaries, plenty of Animated shorts, entertaining Dramas, enlightening Crowd Sourced films, a few Dark Dramas, lots of Comedy and an Experimental journey or two. The films will be shown at the West Chester Armory and the Knights of Columbus and tickets are available at the door or online.

In Genre and with Humor

Our selected Documentary Films tackle themes such as the disappearing family farm, as featured in the 21st Century Farmer by Canadian Filmmaker Rueben Tschetter. For anyone with a vested interest in cutting edge research examining the internet relative to the development of a child’s brain (read: parents) , Brain Power by Tiffany Shlain is not to miss.

Those with a penchant for the darker side of drama might be interested in 82, by London Filmmaker Calum MacDiarmid. In this film, it is the neighborhood postman who begins to unveil the dark side of suburbia. Perhaps you have a deep fear of escaping enclosed spaces? If so you might want to avoid the American premier of Apartment 15, by Italian Filmmaker Mattia Puleo.

Experimental film 30 Miles by American filmmaker Ronnie Cramer takes the viewer on a visual journey across time. Or follow American artist Ana Teresa Fernandez as she takes her viewers on a mythical underwater adventure in Arrastre.

The festival will also present two award-winning crowd sourced films by American director, Tiffany Shlain. A Declaration of Interdependence and Engage both demonstrate the potential for collaborative filmmaking based on user generated content.

Get ready for a dose of Drama as an Ohio native brings a bit of suspense to the typical American breakfast in Dog Bytes. Always the Son by John Frohlich is an Australian film that focuses on the men in the family. Other themes covered this year include finding something in a hotel room by someone famous in Dirty Weekend by Dustin Lane of Australia and many others not to be missed, including a Columbian Drama that explores the magic of photography and mysteries of women in El Invento (The Invention), by Giovanni Granada.

Animated Films include Abiogenesis by Richard Mans of New Zealand, a great film for science-fiction fans. For the kids try Australian student animation Apart, featuring a love story about toys.

There is no shortage of comedy at this year’s festival. Baggage by American Ivan Kander re-imagines the baggage counter as a place to leave emotional issues. Why undergo traditional techniques such as addiction therapy, when we can simply check our emotional baggage at the counter? On the other hand, Customer Service by a trio of Drexel University professors, takes a humorous look at what can go wrong when you try to do the right thing– in this case losing your job– although sometimes there is a happy ending. Dave Packer’s German comedy, The Strange World of Max X. – Office Paperwork includes 3 live action shorts featuring hero “max x” as he faces the sometimes hilarious path to rehabilitation.

With over 60 films on showcase in 2013, film buffs and newcomers alike will want to review the full description of films and presentation schedule available on our website.

Workshops to Bring your Films to Life

We are also pleased to be offering three free workshops this year. The first, presented by Joe Moser, explores the role of the music composer and participants are invited to collaborate in putting music to a short film. Filmmakers James Thompson and Pat Taggart will reveal the secrets to successful filmmaking, while later in the weekend Darragh Dandurand Friedman explores Women’s sexuality in and on Film. Workshop details are available here.

Network, Mingle and be Sure to Vote for your Favorites

The West Chester Film Festival opens on Friday April 26 at 5pm with an Opening Party at the Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant. All are invited to attend and meet the filmmakers, directors, actors and sponsors. There are also two free opportunities to meet the filmmakers at 5:30pm on Saturday April 27 at Pietro’s Prime or throughout the weekend at Fennario’s Coffee & Tobacco. The festival will wrap up with a Closing Night Awards Party at The Note at 6pm on Sunday April 28 featuring an award ceremony with a $500 prize for the best female filmmaker and the West Chester Film Festival Award for the best Animation, Art/Experimental, Drama, Documentary, Comedy, Student and PA Filmmaker. Film Festival participants once again will have the opportunity to vote on their favorite films in the ever-popular H. Paul Fitzpatrick’s People’s Choice award.

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