Apr 7, 2016

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Festival board members invite the community to celebrate diversity.

West Chester, PA – April 1, 2016 – April is a busy month for the organizers of the West Chester Film Festival as they finalize the details for the 12th annual international short film festival, held within the borough.  This year’s events will take place Friday, April 22nd, through Sunday, April 24th.  Filmgoers will enjoy a mix of comedy, drama, animation, art/experimental and documentary in each of the seven unique film screenings.  Each two-hour screening is shown twice throughout the weekend, once at the Chester County Historic Courthouse at 2 N. High Street and again at the Chester County Historical Society at 225 N. High Street.

This community event extends beyond simply watching films.  Several parties, workshops and networking events, all of which are open to the public, take place throughout the weekend.  The festival also offers a family-friendly screening of films Saturday morning, free for kids 10 and younger, directly followed by a Youth Block aimed at (and made by) middle- and high-school students.  “We encourage members of the community to come out and view the films, participate in events, and extend a warm welcome to our visiting filmmakers who come from all over the world to share their art,” appeals Carol Quigley, board chair.

Compared to this year’s Oscar nominations, the West Chester Film Festival explores several themes of diversity:  racial profiling in Under the Heavens, gender identity in Dear Santa, and the complexity of Middle Eastern prejudice in The Visit, just to name a few.  The festival rounds out the screenings with films featuring non-white characters:  a Korean housewife in Jubu, a black cyclist in The End of Blessings, and a doctor from the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico returning home in Today is the Day, for example.  “Our screening process focuses on film quality and not the potential commercial success of a film,” explains Board Member Kevin Fitzpatrick.  “We also reach out each year to diversify our screening board.  As a result, our festival naturally celebrates diversity in film every year.”

The West Chester Film Festival is a not-for-profit organization that relies on the financial support of its dedicated, local sponsors and the personal time and labor of volunteers for its success.  To see the full lineup of films, workshops and other festival events for this year, please visit the website at www.westchesterfilmfestival.com or send an e-mail to info@westchesterfilmfestival.com.

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