May 16, 2016

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Educating Aspiring Talent

Educating Aspiring Talent

Veteran Filmmakers Andrew Karasik & David Greenberg Educate Aspiring Talent on the Art of Storytelling

On Saturday, April 24th, as part of the 12th Annual West Chester International Film Festival, veteran filmmakers Andrew Karasik and David Greenberg led a workshop on the Art of Storytelling. Festival attendees and amateur filmmakers attend the two-part interactive session held at Finn’s Coffee in downtown West Chester.

The workshop began with an overview of story development and the elements of conflict. From there, attendees were asked to write a two to three page screenplay on the spot based on the following prompt:

“Two characters (male and female) have an argument about a seemingly minor issue that reveals a larger issue in their relationship.”

Participants were then given 25 minutes to write a complex scene featuring dialogue, action, and emotion.

8 screenplays were submitted and workshopped with Kira Ousey’s masterful and deep scene about a young couple and pregnancy being chosen.

“Kira’s scene was perfect”, remarked Karasik. “The depth and complexity that it conveyed is nothing short of amazing compounded by the fact that Kira is only 17!”

Part two continued with professional actors Barbara Burri and Dan Williams acting out Ms. Ousey’s scene with interactive direction provided by the attendees under the guidance of Karasik and Greenberg.


by Andrew Karasik

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